Wealthy Affiliate Question – Video Response

Just wanted to create a short blog post about a Wealthy Affiliate question that someone asked my the other week.

The question was: Why am I still a member of Wealthy Affiliate if I’ve been there for over 4 years?

Now I believe they asked the question after watching the video on my Wealthy Affiliate Review page, in the video I say something along these lines: Wealthy Affiliate is designed more for people who are new to internet marketing.

Now I still stand behind what I said, but it is also designed for people like myself who already have experience in affiliate marking. After emailing this person back I decided to create a short video while walking my dog explaining the same thing.

Wealthy Affiliate Question – Video Response

The other day someone emailed me with a few question about Wealthy Affiliate, one of the question being, why am I still a member? I replied via email but today while walking my dog I decided to create a quick video to share that answer and upload here.

Duration: 2:29 seconds


The internet changes all the time, so techniques that worked one week often aren’t as effective or stop working later on down the road. Only two days ago, Google came out and said that they no longer like or want to see webpages with loads of ads above the fold.

Going off feedback and research Google has collected, it come to their attention that webpages that have several Ads above the fold only confuses the visitor who is looking for the actually content and not affiliate and banner ads. 

Now the reason I heard about this is because I was inside Wealthy Affiliate chatting with a few other members in the live chat and then someone made a comment about Google’s latest blog post by Matt Cutts. I know that isn’t a great example of for the point I’m trying to make here, but it’s just something that happened yesterday while I was inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Yesterday we also had a live Wealthy Affiliate Webinar for members and the topic Jay was covering was “The Business of Local”. Working with local businesses is something I do, so this was a webinar I had great interest in watching and learning from. Jay the person holding the Webinar also has his own business helping local businesses with Local Search Engine Optimization

Here is just a snippet of areas that Jay covered in yesterdays webinar:

  • * What you need to get started
  • * A List of Affordable Services You Can Offer
  • * What To Charge For These Services
  • * Where You Can Outsource Your Work
  • * Where to Find Clients
  • * Speak Easy and Profit
  • * Live Q & A Session
  • * And Much More!

Wealthy Affiliate now has over 50+ webinars that you can access from within the members area. So if you’re new to internet marketing or already have experience, I’d love to see and help you inside Wealthy Affiliate.


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