Wealthy Affiliate Question – Video Response

Just wanted to create a short blog post about a Wealthy Affiliate question that someone asked my the other week.

The question was: Why am I still a member of Wealthy Affiliate if I’ve been there for over 4 years?

Now I believe they asked the question after watching the video on my Wealthy Affiliate Review page, in the video I say something along these lines: Wealthy Affiliate is designed more for people who are new to internet marketing.

Now I still stand behind what I said, but it is also designed for people like myself who already have experience in affiliate marking. After emailing this person back I decided to create a short video while walking my dog explaining the same thing.

Wealthy Affiliate Question – Video Response

The other day someone emailed me with a few question about Wealthy Affiliate, one of the question being, why am I still a member? I replied via email but today while walking my dog I decided to create a quick video to share that answer and upload here.

Duration: 2:29 seconds


The internet changes all the time, so techniques that worked one week often aren’t as effective or stop working later on down the road. Only two days ago, Google came out and said that they no longer like or want to see webpages with loads of ads above the fold.

Going off feedback and research Google has collected, it come to their attention that webpages that have several Ads above the fold only confuses the visitor who is looking for the actually content and not affiliate and banner ads. 

Now the reason I heard about this is because I was inside Wealthy Affiliate chatting with a few other members in the live chat and then someone made a comment about Google’s latest blog post by Matt Cutts. I know that isn’t a great example of for the point I’m trying to make here, but it’s just something that happened yesterday while I was inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Yesterday we also had a live Wealthy Affiliate Webinar for members and the topic Jay was covering was “The Business of Local”. Working with local businesses is something I do, so this was a webinar I had great interest in watching and learning from. Jay the person holding the Webinar also has his own business helping local businesses with Local Search Engine Optimization

Here is just a snippet of areas that Jay covered in yesterdays webinar:

  • * What you need to get started
  • * A List of Affordable Services You Can Offer
  • * What To Charge For These Services
  • * Where You Can Outsource Your Work
  • * Where to Find Clients
  • * Speak Easy and Profit
  • * Live Q & A Session
  • * And Much More!

Wealthy Affiliate now has over 50+ webinars that you can access from within the members area. So if you’re new to internet marketing or already have experience, I’d love to see and help you inside Wealthy Affiliate.


WA Shout Out & Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate Shout Out

Wealthy Affiliate Shout OutWealthy Affiliate has it’s own affiliate program allowing members to refer other people and make a monthly commission off the sale for as long as the person they referred stays a active member. It only take a couple of referrals to cover your own monthly costs. Also note that most people that join Wealthy Affiliate stay for a number of months or never leave, so the recurring commission keep coming.

Here are the currently affiliate commission payments details.

Gold$22.50 per month
Platinum$47.50 per month
1-Year Upgrade$287.50 per year

Now WA isn’t just about promoting Wealthy Affiliate, but Kyle and Carson have added all the training and resources to help members that want to promote WA. In 2011 Kyle and Carson added something that they call the WA Shout Out, it’s a simple way for members to share content with friends on Facebook and Twitter with your affiliate link attached. Watch the video below to see how it works and what it’s all about.

If you use the Wealthy Affiliate Shout Out system then I highly recommend that you space the shout outs out and only post a few per week. If you post Shout Outs them on Facebook, don’t forget to comment on what you’re recommending, try and get other to comment because the more people that comment the more people that will it.

If you have any questions about WA feel free to post a comment below or contact me here. Or if you landed on this page and not exactly sure if WA is for you or not, then checkout my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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WA Gold – Wealthy Affiliates Own Currency

Every month members of Wealthy Affiliate are given 10 pieces of WA Gold, it’s like a member own real currency because it has a USD value associated with it. 10 pieces of gold is worth $1 USD, members can donate their gold to each other. Maybe another member helps you in the forum or posts something you find helpful, give them some gold by clicking donate under the profile image. You can also donate gold via members WA Space profile and blog posts, WA share zones and more.

I created the video above to quickly show you what WA gold was all about and at the same time point out that I’m not just someone trying to get an affiliate commission by recommending Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t go around asking for gold, people donated because I’ve helped them in some way or another. One of my Wealthy Affiliate bonus offers is my support if you need help with something or you have questions.

Wealthy Affiliate SCAM

Is Wealthy Affiliate University A SCAM?

Well I’m pretty sure you’ve already guessed that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a SCAM or why would I of gone to all the trouble creating this blog and countless videos.

I’ve been a happy member for over 4 and half years now and highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone that wants to start making money online. Kyle and Carson have basically put together a whole community that has all the tools resources and help that you’ll need to get started in Internet marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate SCAMAbout the video above: I recorded it one day while walking my dog in the field on my iPhone, it was very cold outside and I hadn’t really planned on creating the video, towards the end of the video I spotted another dog walker and decided to end my video sooner than I wanted, also next time I create a video I’ll try to stop and take a breath while talking :)

Once I watched the video on my computer I noticed that most of the background was a light blue sky. Now I like playing around with video, so I decided to edit out the sky, anyway long story short, after spending half an hour messing around I decided to just make the video public.

I’m sure my point has been made that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a SCAM.

Free Internet Wealth Guide

Wealthy Affiliate University – Internet Wealth Guide

Kyle & Carson owners of Wealthy Affiliate have put together a brilliant guide and for a limited giving it away for free, plus you don’t even need to enter your name or email address to access the guide.

Internet Wealth GuideThey originally released this guide a few years ago if I remember correctly, but because the internet changes so fast it’s been rewritten and contains up to date information and techniques. The one technique that I personal like and I’m sure you will to is called “Google Instant Technique”.

This free “Internet Wealth Guide” is for mainly for people who are new to internet marketing, but even if you’ve been at this for some time and have experience it’s still worth reading, ever little technique helps.

Click Here To Download The Internet Wealth Guide


WordPress Express Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Get Your Site Up Within Minutes With WordPress Express

WordPress Express is a service that only Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Wordpress ExpressWordPress Express allows people with zero or little experience to get a site up and run with minutes. Also included inside Wealthy Affiliate are training resources and videos that will teach you how to customize your site.

I’ve create a short video below to show you how works, but I forgot to mention some other key benefits that WPE completes during the site installation, I’ll note them below.

When WP Express installs your site it also installs a bunch of highly recommend plugins and automatically customizes the permalink setting. For more details of on WordPress Express you can view them directly on the Wealthy Affiliate page here:  http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/wordpress_express.php?a_aid=9Vrlsejq&data1=WAUWE


Wordpress Express Video

Keyword Tool Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

One of the tools inside Wealthy Affiliate is a keyword research tool, but when I recorded the video the “Quoted Results” didn’t work, Kyle and Carson have said it should be returning data anytime as they have people working to fix the bug.

Many members of Wealthy Affiliate use the keyword tool all the time, but I personally don’t and have only used it a few times. I like to get my data straight from Google’s keyword tool and the main reason for that is, for the past year I’ve been working with local businesses.

Google’s keyword tool allows me to see Canadian results only, plus I can direct business owners to Google’s keyword tool and they can see with there own eyes what leads there missing out on.

One thing I’d like to point out is that you should never that search numbers for granted, it’s just an approximate, plus if you’re researching to find phrases to target always checkout the first page results and see what competition you’re going to be up against.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

Last month Kyle and Carson launched a new site/service for doing keyword research called Jaaxy.com. It’s totally separate from Wealthy Affiliate and does far more, how ever it’s also has a monthly fee. I haven’t used Jaaxy yet, but intend on testing it out next month. Once I do I’ll create a video review and give you me honest opinion.

If you’re new to internet marketing Google’s Keyword tool or the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool will go the job just fine.

Kyle And Carson – Co-Owners Of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson

Who Are Kyle and Carson?

Kyle and Carson are co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate and several other online businesses that I’m personally aware of, I’ve created a quick video to show you some of the other businesses that Kyle & Carson are both involved with, but I would say that Wealthy Affiliate is there primary business.

Both Kyle and Carson have other ten years experience working online and with internet marketing, there also both younger than myself by a couple of years.

You can find the pair of them on Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus:

Wealthy Affiliate Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/wealthyaffiliates
Kyle: www.facebook.com/kyle.wealthyaffiliate
Carson: www.facebook.com/carson.wealthyaffiliate
Twitter Profile: www.twitter.com/kyleandcarson

Kyle Google+: https://plus.google.com/113249579666422568736
Carson Google+: https://plus.google.com/115801432659344014880

For more information on Kyle and Carson plus other people who work at and are part of Wealthy Affiliate Click Here to checkout the About Us page.

A Look At Wealthy Affiliate from 2005 to 2011

Wealthy Affiliate first launched back in 2005, I created the video below during a special birthday promotion Wealthy Affiliate was holding. The special offer ended but I wanted to share the video with you.

In the video I’m using the WayBack machine to show you how the Wealthy Affiliate home page looked and changed during the months and years. Don’t forget to checkout my Wealthy Affiliate Bonus offer if you plan on joining.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat

WA Live Chat Has Arrived

Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat is now available inside the members area, it’s a great feature that many members have been requesting over the years.

The WA live chat that Kyle & Carson have added is a great tool that will give members another method to ask question, get help, shoot the breeze and get to know one another.

I’ve created a quick video to try and give you an idea how it works, granted it’s not the greatest video and I had no choice but to blur out the chat content.

Most evening you’ll find me browsing the Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat’s, normally trying to help new members that are stuck on a problem.

wealthy affiliate live chat

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